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If you are grieving, suffering an emotional crisis, trying to adjust your relationship with your partner and teen child, or going through a period of illness, I can help you.An experience of more than 15 years with a deep connection to modern psychology will support us. As a psyanalyst who is also a researcher, I am exposed to science in addition to my experience.

In Freud's view, the therapist's lived experience has a substantial influence on treatment. I believe in it.

I grew from my sufferings and you grow with me on the path of treatment.

My life experiences such as immigration, cancer, separation from emotional love, and domestic violence were all learned through psychology with the help of supervisors that I have had.

My victory over them will lead to my birth. Every trauma shaped me into who I am today. Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, are you ready?

Thank you for allowing me to be your light on this rough and mysterious path as you pass into the unknown of your psyke.

From now on, I will congratulate you on your birthday.

Sara Shadabi

The treasure is in a cave that you're afraid to enter.


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    Embrace a journey towards self-improvement and emotional health.